Honda Clarity Fuel-Cell Surprise – $369 Lease

Honda always said that the monthly lease  for to 2017 Clarity fuel-cell electric sedan would be under $500, it just didn’t say how much under. Now we know; the automaker will lease the five-passenger, hydrogen-powered sedan for $369 a month. [Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute, 45 seconds.] That’s the second-lowest lease price for a fuel-cell … Read more »

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Rated 68 MPG By EPA

        The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan has received a 68 mpg-equivalent fuel efficiency rating from the EPA for combined city and highway driving, giving the futuristic hydrogen-electric car a segment-leading range of  366 miles per fill-up. [Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes.] The Clarity, launches later this year with  leasing  – … Read more »

Fuel Cell Cars Explained

[Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes 20 seconds] Unfamiliar technologies are easy to misunderstand, and the fuel cell automobile could be a poster child for both the unfamiliar and the misunderstood. But the truth is that while the technology behind making a fuel cell system to power an automobile is complicated, fuel cells have been around … Read more »