About That Hyundai Ioniq Commercial…

It’s always good advice to read the fine print, especially in automotive advertising, where hyperbole usually rules. In Hyundai’s new Ioniq commercial touting the Ioniq Hybrid as “the most fuel-efficient car in America,” the fine print says the claim excludes plug-in hybrid and electric cars. [Estimated Reading Time: 1 min., 45 seconds.] The TV commercial … Read more »

13 Electrified Ford Models Coming by 2021

Mustang, F-150 and Autonomous Car Hybrids are in the Mix   Ford Motor Co. plans to add 13 new plug-in electric and hybrid models to its global lineup by 2021, including the first hybrid Mustang sports coupe and the best-selling F-150 pickup. A hybrid autonomous car for the commercial ride-hailing (think Lyft and Uber) or … Read more »