Electric Pickups? BEVs, FCEVs in the Works

Hidden in Toyota’s announcement last week of a prototype Class 8 fuel-cell electric truck was word that the automaker also has been playing around with a hydrogen fuel-cell electric pickup; several companies, big and small, also are working on battery-electric pickups. [Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. 30 seconds.] Most automakers with pickups in their lineups … Read more »

Tesla Supercharging Free No More

If there’s a Tesla on your shopping list this year, drop free use of the Tesla supercharging network from your list of perks. [Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 55 seconds.] Starting with Model S and X cars ordered on Jan. 15, Tesla will provide a base annual allotment of 400 kiloWatts of power from its … Read more »

Tesla Gigafactory Starts Battery Production

Tesla said it and partner Panasonic have begun mass production of commercial quality lithium-ion battery cells at the Tesla Gigafactory, pushing the electric car and energy storage company closer to production of its Model 3 electric car. [Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute, 30 seconds.] The cells now in production at the Nevada factory are intended … Read more »

Nissan Leaf Halfway To No Federal Incentives

U.S. sales of Nissan’s Leaf EV tiptoed past the 100,000 mark last month,  the second plug-in vehicle to do so. Chevrolet’s Volt surpassed 100,000 sales in June. With the federal tax credit for PEVs scheduled to start phasing out as a manufacturer’s sales of qualified vehicles hits the 200,000 mark, that means the two most … Read more »

Tesla Gets New Production Chief

[Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute, 20 seconds.] Tesla Motors, which has been bedeviled by production glitches and delays with each new model, has gone to an established player for its new production chief.  The Silicon Valley EV-maker has hired former Audi production executive Peter Hochholdinger as its new vice president of production. Hochholdinger is tasked … Read more »