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Welcome to, a website aimed at providing information that can help us decide whether vehicles that don’t use petroleum – or use very little of it –can fit in our lives.

It is a place for those interested in – or just curious about – breaking away from petroleum-dependent transportation. The site is a place to learn the basics of what makes hybrids, plug-in vehicles and fuel-cell electric vehicles go. A place to get unbiased reviews of the newest vehicles and technologies and to obtain the information you’ll need to decide whether one (or more) of these vehicles could have a place in your garage. And it is the place to go to learn how to navigate a new-car marketplace that so far has done little to make “green car” shoppers feel welcome and valued.

We’re not sponsored, don’t take advertising and won’t charge you for anything: is independent, a labor of love and a commitment to the idea that if people are given good information, they will make wise decisions.

So, again, welcome. Take a look around. We’re still growing, so it will take a while for everything you might want or need to be available, but If you like what you see so far, pass the word. If you don’t, send me a note.

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