Toyota Eyes Solid-State EV Battery by 2022

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Toyota Motor still loves its hydrogen fuel-cell technology but isn’t abandoning battery-electric cars: A new model with a long-range, quick-charging solid-state battery is being worked on. The automaker remains mum on the project except to say that it plans to commercialize the solid-state battery it has been developing and is aiming at the early 2020s. … Read more »

Nissan Leaf Halfway To No Federal Incentives

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U.S. sales of Nissan’s Leaf EV tiptoed past the 100,000 mark last month,  the second plug-in vehicle to do so. Chevrolet’s Volt surpassed 100,000 sales in June. With the federal tax credit for PEVs scheduled to start phasing out as a manufacturer’s sales of qualified vehicles hits the 200,000 mark, that means the two most … Read more »

Is Nissan’s Leaf Next? Renault Unveils 248-mile EV Battery

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Renault announced a 248-mile (400 km) battery pack for its Zoe electric car Thursday, validating rumors of a new long-range battery that have been circulating for weeks. [Estimated Reading Time: 1 minute, 40 seconds.] While the French automaker doesn’t sell cars in the U.S., its partner, Nissan, does. And Nissan desperately needs a long-range battery … Read more »

Plug-In Vehicle Charging – What You Need to Know

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[Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes, 30 seconds] If you are shopping for a plug-in electric vehicle, your thinking is likely focused on the car and the deal. But there’s another important element, plug-in vehicle charging. How are you going to charge the batteries, and where can you go to find a plug-in car charger? Don’t … Read more »

Plug-In Car Shopping Made Easy, Part 1.

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The horror stories abound. People out shopping for a plug-in vehicle, whether a plug-in hybrid or a battery-electric car, or EV, often find themselves in dealerships with sales people who don’t know much about the cars, can’t answer basic questions and would rather sell gas-burners.

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