Finally! Dieselgate’s EV Awareness Campaign Slated

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A new national EV awareness campaign aimed at increasing understanding of electrified vehicles, launches today with national television and radio ads and a web presence.

The campaign is financed by the $2 billion infrastructure development and vehicle awareness fund Volkswagen set up as part of the court-approved settlement in the U.S. vs VW diesel emissions cheating mess, often called Dieselgate.

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The advertising campaign will run for 10 months, both on TV as well as through online channels. The marketing push is expected to include digital techniques (such as those featured on to help reach a wider audience. It is brand-neutral and designed to make more consumers aware of electric vehicles as low- and zero-emission alternatives to internal combustion cars and trucks.

Electrify America, the nonprofit set up to administer the infrastructure and EV awareness fund, says the first television ad, “JetStones,” is a take on the transition of personal transportation from the stone age to today’s electric cars, using themes from the Jetsons and Flintstones cartoons.

The simple spot will feature electric vehicles from six manufacturers to showcase the wide variety of EVs available today (there are close to 50 models now, with more being added every year).

The radio ad doesn’t mention specific vehicles or types of electrification, but talks about EV’s growing affordability and “fun-to-drive’ nature, then refers listeners to the campaign’s website,

Neither ad provides much information, but the intent is simply to reach the estimated 50 percent of Americans who’ve never heard of Zero Emissions Vehicles and make them aware that such beasts exist.

Subsequent EV awareness ads are expected to aim at increasing understanding of the value of ZEVs.

The “Pluginto…” website offers more – briefly covering incentives, range, charging and vehicle types – plug-in hybrid, battery-electric and fuel-cell electric.

All of those topics, of course, are covered in depth here at TheGreenCarGuy.

But all are welcome in the EV info space. With so little public awareness, there can’t be too much information made available.