VW ID.7 Tourer Revealed

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But sleek electric wagon not (yet) slated for the U.S.

Volkswagen has turned out a wagon version of the ID.7 – the ID.7 Tourer- and while not yet scheduled to be sold outside of Europe, we can hope.

The automaker showed a camouflaged ID.7 Tourer last fall and has just released photography of a near-production-ready model.

In the spirit of “show ’em and they just might lobby for it to come here,” we’re sharing those photos and the few pieces of info about the touring, or wagon, version of the ID.7.

VW says that it will be available to European customers with two battery choices, 77 or 86 kilowatt-hours wit the larger battery capable of delivering up to 425 miles of range per the European WLTP test, which is more lenient than the EPA range test in the U.S. WLTP estimates typically are at least 20% higher than EPA estimates when the same vehicle is available in both Europe and the U.S., so if the ID.7 Tourer were to make its way to these shores, figure 340 miles or less (and we think it a good bet that it would be somewhat less).

VW says the ID.7 will initially be available in rear-drive with a single, 282 hp electric motor delivering up to 402 pound-feet of torque. A dual-motor, all-wheel drive version may come later.

As to its design and layout, the Tourer will be a 5-seater with a fairly generous 60.5 cubic feet of cargo area with the rear seats folded away; 21.3 cubic feet with them up. It’s look pretty much copies the ID.7 sedan – which goes on sale in the U.S. this year – but with a wagon-like back end instead of the sedan’s curving roofline.

And now, some photos:

The sedan has a fairly slippery profile and a drag coefficient, or Cd, of 0.23. VW says the Tourer (aka estate wagon, shooting brake or, in the U.S. , station wagon) is almost as slick, with a Cd of 0.24. For comparison, the Tesla Model S and Mercedes-Benz EQS sport sedans boast drag coefficients of .20, the Ford F-150 Lightning comes in at around .43 and a common brick at about 1.5. A vehicle with a low drag coefficient consumes less energy pushing though the surrounding air.

ID.7 Tourer fint

Interior features include a large central touchscreen and smallish driver information screen, a floating center console with covered upper and open lower trays, ambient lighting, dual-zone automatic climate control, heated front seats, and the Chat GPT artificial intelligence system that replies to various requests via Volkswagen’s IDA voice assistant. A glass roof is optional.

VW ID.7 lf45