Teasers Show Hyundai Seven e-SUV Concept

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Front end of Seven concept form Hyundai
The Hyundai Seven concept presages the all-electric Ioniq 7 large SUV slated for a retail launch in 2024. This teaser shows a portion of the front end and its “pixel” themed exterior lighting. /Hyundai

Its much-anticipated Ioniq 5 electric hatchback hasn’t hit the market yet, but Hyundai’s wasting no time; the company will show a concept version of the 2024 Ioniq 7 large SUV – the concept is just the “Hyundai Seven” – at the upcoming Los Angeles auto show.

To whet appetites for that, Hyundai has released a series of teaser photos showing a few details – or rather details of details – of the electric SUV’s interior and lower left front end.

While the photos leave much to the imagination, they do make it apparent that, like the Ioniq 5, the Seven will use sustainable materials such as wood and wool inside, and feature a “pixelated” exterior lighting lighting theme made up of individual blocks – or pixels – of LED illumination.

The automaker says the Hyundai Seven concept “hints at” the production version of the Ioniq 7 and shows an interior theme of “premium and personalized lounge ambiance.”

The Seven concept is slated to be on display during the L.A. auto show, Nov. 19-28.

As for the Ioniq 6, a sporty electric sedan that’s supposed to launch late next year – no word for now.

Hyundai has said it will be investing more than $7 billion in U.S.manufacturing plants and other facilities as it prepares to begin building EVs here as early as 2022. No word, though, on whether those EVs will be part of the Ioniq family or for other Hyundai models, the Genesis luxury brand or even corporate sibling Kia.