Toyota Teaser: New Midsize Hybrid SUV

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Toyota teaser
This Toyota teaser shot shows a bit of what the automaker says is a new midsize hybrid SUV/Toyota

A week after teasing the introduction of what appears to be the 2025 Camry sedan, Toyota is at it again – this time with a teaser shot of a new hybrid SUV.

Clues? Toyota says it will be a mid-size, and the teaser photo shows a relatively squared-off rear end with a name that appears to begin with a “C.”

With hybrid versions of the RAV4 and Corolla Cross small SUVs, midsize Highlander and Grand Highlander and full-size Sequoia hybrids already in the lineup, there doesn’t seem to be much room for another gas-electric SUV in the stable, but Toyota is committed to its hybrid tech, so why not?

We don’t claim any special insights, but Toyota recently introduced a chauffeur-driven, squared-off SUV version of its Century executive sedan in the Japanese market but made it a multinational announcement – a hint that it may have plans for the Century nameplate outside of its home market.

There’s also the (new to the U.S.) redesigned Crown -a Camry-sized hybrid sedan. In other markets, there’s also a wagon-like Crown SUV crossover.

Of course, that “C” in the Toyota teaser could signify that it’s a Camry SUV, or, a just a CUV, or ii could be something else altogether.

We shall see.

Meantime, here’s a look at the full-size Century for Japan’s very-well-to-do executive class, and at the global Crown lineup that was initially revealed last year – the SUV is in gold at the right. .