Plug-In Car Shopping Made Easy, Part 2

Six Things You’ll Need to Know About PEVs

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(Updated 11/22/17)

Information can make a world of difference when you are car shopping, and when you’re shopping for a plug-in vehicle it’s not just nice to have a bit of knowledge about the cars and the things that are unique to cars with rechargeable batteries, it is critical. Getting a car is difficult enough anyway, even just getting the right sort of insurance can be a confusing time. There are loads of different sorts of insurance though that people can get. It’s not just Car Insurance, but also Campervan Insurance. While car and camper van insurance might sound the same, there are subtle differences between them in terms of coverage and other details. And, then there is Scooter Insurance. If you are interested in getting insurance for your scooter though, then you can check out something like this motor scooter insurance here.

Once you’ve settled on a model or two to test drive, your dealership visit will be smoother if you take time beforehand to read these tips:

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What’s a hybrid?

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It’s hard to believe now, but hybrid cars – vehicles such as the Toyota Prius – once were considered exotics with mysteriously complicated powertrains.

True, the hybrid powertrain is a bit complex. But the cars, which debuted in the U.S. in 1999 with the first generation Honda Insight, followed rapidly by rival Toyota’s Prius, are now commonplace. with dozens of models on the market.

Still, it’s nice to know what’s under the hood, and elsewhere.

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Plug-In Car Shopping Made Easy, Part 1.

The horror stories abound. People out shopping for a plug-in vehicle, whether a plug-in hybrid or a battery-electric car, or EV, often find themselves in dealerships with sales people who don’t know much about the cars, can’t answer basic questions and would rather sell gas-burners.

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(Updated 11/25/17 to include Ipsos RDA’s secret EV shopper research)

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